Wet bags are way more useful than just for the diapering years.  Here's a list of ideas on how to get the best use for yours!

Disclaimer: I sell wet bags, here in this handmade shop. So, read, and then go shopping!

1. Diapering
I'm starting out with the most popular use.  Wet bags are awesome for anything baby, because they are mess making machines.  Diapering, especially cloth diapering, is where most people get introduced to the miracle of wet bags.  Made from from polyurethane laminate (PUL for short), wet bags are waterproof, machine washable, and ecologically friendly. 
It's the perfect barrier to the bodily refuse that accompanies baby nappies, and allows new parents to assume a lifestyle that allows for leaving the house with the baby.  Just toss in the stinky turd bomb, close the zipper, and deal with it when you get home.  Best of all- it works for blowouts too.  (If you don't know what I mean by blowout, consider yourself lucky...)
2. Swimsuits
Sure, you could just use a grocery bag for your soggy, sand speckled, salt  or chlorine soaked suit, but here's the thing- grocery bags aren't great for the environment to begin with, and need to be clean in order to recycle them. In contrast, wet bags can be thrown into the wash and hung up with the suit to dry (or thrown into the dryer if you like living on the edge like me). 
Dad pulling wagon with child and swim gear, to the beach
Best yet, if you get super distracted by the exhausted, cranky, sun-soaked children when you get home, and kinda-sorta forget about the wet suits and towels in the bag, they won't develop mildew in a wet bag.  Call it a miracle, but PUL is also breathable, so the worst that will happen is your stuff will dry with dirt on them. 
3. Masks
The age of COVID-19 has brought mask wearing into the forefront.  Two-pocketed wet bags are perfectly suited for the task of storing both clean and dirty masks.  
two pocket wet bag from berry bug shop
Even better, add wording make sure you keep your compartments straight. 
4. Sweaty Gym Clothing
Have you ever smelled a gym during rush hour on a hot and humid day?  Or a hot yoga room after a 90-minute class? Wet bags are the perfect smell and touch barrier for sweat-soaked clothing.  Throw in the bag, zip it up, and breathe easier. 
Yoga clothing of all types belong in a wet bag after class.
When you get ready to wash, hold your breath while you unzip the bag, dump out the contents, and quickly close the washing machine.  Done and done.  Namaste.
5. Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups
More and more women are switching over to reusable menstrual care for both environmental and health reasons.  Wet bags from the Everyday Green come in multiple sizes, smaller ones perfectly sized just for this purpose, including mini bags for silicone cups. Even better, two-pocket wet bags, to separate clean pads from dirty.
Two pocket waterproof wet bag with clean and dirty designation
6. Reusable coffee cups
I love me some latte!  But drippy tumblers rolling around the back of the car dripping everywhere, or leaking into my work bag, is unacceptable.  Now, I just throw the tumbler and stainless steel straw into a wet bag and I'm good to go for the rest of my day.  Huzzah!
Travel coffee carafe
7. Baby Carriers
I.  Love.  My.  Carriers.   At one point, I owned 12.  Now that my youngest is well past her toddler years, I have only remaining: my handwoven ring sling, my Didymos Indo hemp blend wrap, and my Tula.  On the go, I toss them in my extra-large Berry Bug wet bag to keep them clean and dry. 
Mother wearing baby in a woven wrap
Otherwise, they'd be coated in the mud, muck, and mire that's currently over my entire backseat and trunk of my minivan (thanks kids).
8. Travel
Packing a bag?  Before you throw your shoes in, throw them in that wet bag.  And while you're at it, throw in another large bag for the dirty clothes.  The best part is that single layer wet bags weigh next to nothing and do not add bulk, making them the perfect travel companion.
mini sized wet bag from berry bug shop is holding bobby pins
  Minis can be purchased in a set of three, which are perfect for cotton swabs, ear buds, bobby pins, bar soap, first aid kit items, nail clippers, etc... the possibilities are endless.
8. Kitchen Towels
Reusables make so much sense. Fewer trees cut down, less cost for the consumer, and they can look so pretty on display in the kitchen! Get a bag with a snap on the strap, hook it around a towel bar or oven/dishwasher handle.  Throw in the dirties, toss in the wash when they need to be cleaned. 
zero waste kitchen need wet bags
Since switching, we've cut down significantly on paper towel use.  Before, a roll lasted between 3-7 days.  Now, that roll extends to 3-4 weeks... and this is with small kids and pets in the house! 
9. Camping & Backpacking

The Everyday Green Lightweight Wet Bags weigh a scant ounce or less, and are waterproof.  We've had customers use our bags for storing camera equipment, smart phones, used cloth, and more.  

Wet bags protect smartphones from the wet- perfect for camping and backpacking

10. Pets!
Have you ever played fetch with a dog?  After the first throw, that tennis ball is covered in spit.  There's no going back--- it just gets worse and more disgusting from there.  

Dog catching a yellow tennis ball

Then... you have to carry it back in its used condition.  Unless.... you have one of those waterproof bags.... you know the ones I'm talking about....

11. Pump Parts
Wet bags are must have for any nursing mother who is expected to carry her pump parts with her, on the go.  Wet bags are much more discreet than a plastic zip bag, and can look stylish in her nursing bag. 

Mother working on laptop with breast pump on desk

Best of all- wet bags from the Everyday Green are CPSIA compliant- no lead, no pvc, no phthalates, no bpa.  We only use PUL fabric and zippers that are manufactured in the USA, so you can sleep easy knowing nothing will be leeching onto whatever is inside.  

And every nursing mama needs more sleep. 

There are many other uses.  How do YOU use your wet bags from the Everyday Green? Tell us in the comments!

11 ways to use wet bags beyond cloth diapering

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