The average person in the USA uses approximately one pound of single use plastic bags every year. That’s approximately 540 plastic bags! 

plastic bags are literally the worst

However, if you are busy parents like we are, you know the all too familiar temptation to grab and toss those bags. It's just so easy, and let's face it- when you're trying to get shoes on small feet, jackets zipped, clean face masks on, the baby is crying and somehow Jack's face is suddenly covered in- is that chocolate?  What the......   

WTF did Jack get into?

Fun (slightly made up) fact- the average parents has 1.4 million demands placed on them at any given moment during waking hours.  

I don’t go hardly anywhere without a snack for my kids, and I pack my kids’ lunches every day. I tried reusable silicone bags, and found them cumbersome to clean out. Solid containers were too bulky in backpacks and easily broke from daily use.

bulk plastic container in backpack

And still... the guilt of using those damn plastic bags weighed heavily around my neck, like an albatross...  Every time I opened a fresh one, a small part of my hippie soul withered and died.  At this point, I'm pretty sure it looks like the souls from Disney's The Little Mermaid.  The poor unfortunate thing...

So what's a mom (or dad) to do?  

Then, out of nowhere, it hit me in the face like a ham sandwich.  Reusable snack pouches!  They are super lightweight, are easy to either rinse or throw in the washing machine (you read that right... the WASHING MACHINE).  

woman smiling inside washing machine

My kids love picking out their snacks and packing them into their zippered pouches, because they each have one with their name on it, in their favorite color. They wash and rinse easily. They also help keep our snacks organized when we are on the go - no more digging around the martial arts gear bag for a granola bar, and no more accidental cracker dumps from not properly closing the top of a single use baggie. 

That's right--- little hands can close these zippers with ease.

little hands opening a zippered bag

Anytime I can combine helping eliminate plastic waste and make my life easier, that is good enough. At Berry Bug, that’s what we are all about. Simple, effective solutions that are easy swaps in our everyday lives. You can’t do everything, but you can do “good enough”.

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