Written by by sister, Victoria Smart Rosales
1. Stop apologizing for sending me pictures of your new baby. Although I long for a baby myself some day it doesn't mean I can't be happy for you right now.  I love you and your baby - keep sending.
My sister figured this one out right away, please see pictures of one of my adorable nephews, Andrew:
2. Stop sending me pictures of your baby's poop. I don't care about the color, consistency or smell. I feel badly you literally deal with shit everyday but this misery does not love company... You can thank me for not pairing a picture with this one.
3. I get that mesh underwear is "heavenly" and "so amazing and comfortable". I believe you. Truly, I do...and I'm honestly eager to wear some... but can we please talk about something else? Anything?
...by the way if you're looking for a great pair of mesh underwear here's some from Motherhood.com I've heard they're amazing...more than once.
motherhood.com mesh pantiesSLXLM
4. It's not endearing to continuously ask if I am ready to have a baby when I'm single with no potential suitor. Or at all, really.  Yes of course I'm ready to have a baby but the rest of my life isn't yet, and it's none of your business.
5. I understand there's most likely a "right way" to hum to your baby... increasing the chances of them becoming being a successful astronaut or something but please stop lecturing me on these tiny nuances that you recently learned on some yuppie blog.
6. Stop telling me to buy mom jeans when I haven't had a kid yet. I understand they're comfortable but that will 100% prevent me from the action of getting me pregnant when I'm ready.
7. Stop joking about me changing your baby's diaper just because I'm holding her... not going to happen.
This is me explaining this concept to my niece, McKenna.. I don't care how cute you are...
8. Don't assume that when I come over to hang out that means I also want to watch your child. I'm happy to babysit for hire (for hire does not necessarily mean for money, but for intention), I'll also gladly help at times but this assumption is not healthy for our friendship.
9. Stop feeling guilty when you want alone time, or a girls night out, or anything that doesn't involve your baby and husband.  It's natural and I'm here for you for all of those times....ALL OF THOSE TIMES
10. Stop feeling guilty about not staying in touch.  It’s okay.  Though I don’t walk in your shoes, I do understand.  I’m still here for you because I love you and this little bundle of goodness you've brought into the world!


Victoria Rosales lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL with her strappingly handsome husband and son, who was born two years after writing this post.

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